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To download a copy of the 2010 Guidebook, click on search databases and then select OGS Publication.  On the first screen that comes up, in the first option given pick begins with, and then type in OFR6230.  That will bring up the guidebook.  If you click on view publication, it will bring up the guidebook and you can save a copy of it.  


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Eric L Johnson FOG Coordinator
Dr. Eric Lee Johnson


The Friends of the Grenville (FOG) is a loose-knit fraternity that formally came into existence in 1972 but whose roots really go back to a monumental, 3000-km-long, 12-day field trip led by Hugh R. Wynne-Edwards. Since 1970, there has been an unbroken chain of annual, September-October, two-day excursions that alternate between Ontario, Quebec, and New York.  FOG is a "nonorganization" with no dues and no formal membership. A Friday-night gathering welcomes participants with an overview of the fieldtrip and a Saturday-night banquet salutes fieldtrip leaders and the participant having travelled the farthest to join the "Friends". It is the mixture of friendships developed over the years , the rocks and their beautiful enigmas, and the frank and broad discussions on their potential solutions that keep drawing FOG members back, year after year, rain or shine.

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FOG 2018

Sainte-Anne-du-Lac and Mont Laurier

September 7-9, 2018
Field trip of the Baskatong-Mitchi showings
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On  Saturday
We will leave from the parking lot at the Resto-Bar-Relais du Tourisme, 22 Rue Notre Dame, Sainte Ann du Lac at 8:00 am.  PACK A LUNCH

Note:  If you have difficulty securing a room at this hotel, you may wish to consider staying in Mount Laurier, QC.  It is a 48.3 km (43-50 minute) drive up to Sainte Ann du Lac but that might be worth it since on Saturday night we will be lodging in Mount Laurier.

Note:  For day one, 4 wheel drive is required.
Sunday night group dinner in Mont- Laurier
On Sunday
We will depart from the parking lot at the Best Western Plus Hotel  1231 Boul A-Paquette,  Mt Laurier, QC at 8:00 am.
phone 1 819 623 5252.
Note:  Unlike many past FOG adventures, Sunday is a full day trip.  If you need to depart early that is understood.


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